December 1 Rant

These are one of the days when i feel like a very bad person. I get annoyed by a lot of people and i just want to get away. WHAT A WAY TO START MY DECEMBER!

So far i dislike 5 persons as of the moment. Hate is such a super term so i use dislike– which means the tables could still turn for these 5 persons with unlikely pleasing attitudes. I hope they snap out of it.
What’s funny is they’re super annoying. They just snap like i’ve done something wrong when it’s them who need something from me. But now that i’m a big girl, let me handle it like a big girl. What i do is simply ignore them and they’re negativity.

To all who’re reading this blog entry: What do you think should i do? Hire a gunman? LOL of course not. Let me know your thoughts!



Sometimes i wake up and ask myself why there are other girls who are just born perfect. And here i am, lying down on my bed, jealous and pathetic, with early morning dragon’s breath and pimples that look like constellations. As i would always do, I just stare at the ceiling and never get the chance to answer my question… until today.

I get those moments too. Sometimes i feel like the prettiest girl on earth. Other times, i’m as insecure as those girls on facial wash commercials getting a zit on the first day of school. But today, i have realized that it’s so good shaking the insecurities away with a smile and some sunshine.

This post goes out to all the girls who feel the way i do sometimes. We get insecure, we feel ugly, we think we don’t belong. But that’s really not the point. Accept it, embrace it- We’re not perfect. But we’re special. Everything or anything about us is just some ingredient to the perfect person there is.

We look at ourselves in the mirror and never get the chance to see the good. That’s really one of our biggest problems. We tend to overthink… overreact… underappreciate. Well honey, life’s too short for that negativity. Put on a dress, braid you hair, go to the beach, smile, and just love yourself for once. Don’t give yourself a hard time. If you think you look bad, you might as well ask a stranger how you look. Sometimes, even they see your real beauty!

Just this morning, my mom made me watch a video my sister shared on facebook. It was about an artist who draws two faces of the same woman- one described by the same woman (subject of the drawing) and another described by a person who had contact (talked, spent some time) with her. The two drawings were totally different from each other. here’s the video i watched:


Guess what! We’ve Got Ourselves a New Name

Well, heads up everyone! Spots & Cravings has just been re-branded into The Devil Wears a Crown.


The Devil Wears a Crown gives a more personal touch to my blog since it’ll be more about me, in general, than just my travels and the food i like. Spots & Cravings was a great excuse to finally start a blog. It was really more of school work than leisure but i sort of got a little attached to it. So voila! Here’s to a new beginning and a new excuse to keep paying for the wifi. ha-ha, seriously though.

Well, it’s really gonna be more of an online personal journal about my life, my view on stuff, things that go on in my mind, and just a bunch of rants and rumbles i’d like to post online.

I really hope it’s gonna be a blast talking about all the shit i like and hate on this page. Yeah, this time i can curse, ha! and well, i hope you guys keep in touch with me all the time. Anyhow, i bet it’s gonna be a great start after graduation and it’s been a great summer so far. it’s gonna be so fun writing about everything here and i’d love for you guys to read and react.


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Endings and Beginnings

The CMS 135 bloggig class is the supreme reason for having this blog put up. And last Wednesday, 19th of March, the group had a launchig of online magazines that i was part of as well. The launch was held at St. Mikes dormitel- a stunning place that looked so much like a museum of fabulous artifacts more than a dorm. The launch was a success.

The launch gave way to another milestone for the class. For weeks, we have planned and designed for two big online magazines. And March 19th was the day of its birth to the online sphere.

Here are the two blogs that we’ve presented to the UPV community:


bannerhashtag peyups is an online magazine handled by my other blogger friends. It’s definitely full of UPV stories, tips, and other write-ups that will undoubtedly entertain you!




isko diaries, on the other hand, is my groups offspring. It’s an online magazine filled with portals that lead you to stories about the university that you can either discover here or relate to! My birthchild in this site is the EAT UP! page where i write about the cool places in UP you just can’t miss and the food you just can’t taste! The site’s fun and it really gives you an inside look into our little world in the university.

Well, altough this launch is the beginning of another sphere, it is as well the end of our journey as a class. This blogging class was really a great adventure and it helped us see the amazing perks of being online. there are a lot of realizations in this journey and it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.




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My Excitement in Words

Now that the secret’s out, I can finally let you guys know how ecstatic I am for this year’s trip out of the country!

Since my mom and I promised ourselves at least one getaway every year, we’ve booked a trip to Singapore! We didn’t tell my dad and my brother at first but now that they found out, it’s just fair that I write about how excited I am in preparing for this getaway.

Well right now, I’m still saving for the trip. It’s almost summer and we all know that we don’t get allowances in summer. But taking advantage of the internet, planning the vacation’s such a delight for me and my mom. The boys, Josh and dad, still don’t have their tickets but they might come as well.

Anyhow, mom and I aren’t on the same flights going to Singapore. She’s going to arrive early via Manila and I’m flying from Iloilo. It’s gonna be a four-hour flight and I’m flying alone (that’s if we don’t get our boys tickets) but it’s gonna be one hell of a challenge for me. I haven’t been on an international flight alone so it really gives me the goosies thinking about it (but I do hope some cute guy sits beside me or better yet, no one at all lol).

The plan’s really more of a back-packers kind of trip. Thanks to Juris, a friend working in Singapore, we’ve figured out cheap hostels to stay in for the nights we’re there. Here’s a link to finding the cheapest, best, and cutest hostels in Singapore. http://www.hostelbookers.com/hostels/singapore/singapore/


It’s really the back-packers type of lounges but there are a lot of freebies for the guests like free city tours that mom’s really excited about. There are some that offer bike rentals as well. Reading their reviews I can just imagine how great the trip’s gonna be!

There are a few things and places in mind that we really have got to visit and try. For one, the Merlion’s a must-see and Sentosa’s never not an option. We’re most likely to spend a whole day at Universal Studios Singapore and another day shopping around the city. There’s a lot of things to do in mind. But as of the moment, saving’s really the mission.

Well, here’s a sneak peek into the pre-getaway stuff. Hopefully you’ll get to join me in Singapore through my blog. And if you have ideas and suggestions about adventures in Singapore, feel free to comment.

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Summers at Boracay


Summer vacations are nice. You get to relax and enjoy time alone or better yet, with the people you love most.

What i love about this time of year is that you get to travel when you go on vacations. You get to see new places and different people. You get to spend time away from work or school and just enjoy yourself. But really, summer vacations are not the same without having a trip to the beach.

Boracay- undoubtedly the best place to be in summer.

It’s seemingly tradition that the family takes a trip to Boracay every summer of every year. It has been like this since the 90’s. And well, this tradition has made me experience the transition of Boracay from being a virgin island into becoming one of the summer capitals in the whole Philippines.



Boracay’s a wonder. Since then, the white sand beach is definitely the real reason why everyone’s drawn to the place. But now, the scenery, the party, the shops, the tourists, the parasailing, the banana boat rides, the flying fish, these are plus points making the whole isalnd a wonder.

From Iloilo City, Boracay’s a six hour drive. This is why the family often leaves at around midnight in order to have breakfast in the island. But on the way is the sea food capital, Roxas City. So you guys might want to drop by the place. After the drive to Caticlan, you get on a ferry to the island itself. And setting foot, you either get on a multicab or a trike to your hotel.

Well, there are a lot of activities you get to do when you’re on the island. One of which is well, swimming on the beach! The clear water will definitely entice you. And it’s best to go swimming early in the morning when the sun’s not at its peak.


Another thing is going on beach activities like banana boat riding, parasailing, flying fishing, and boating! These rides take about ten to twenty minutes but i bet you’re gonna enjoy it as much. Boating, however, takes two to four hours. You get to visit different islands, go fish feeding, and well, buying coconut juice from vendors who sell it on bangkas.




Lastly, you shouldn’t miss partying on the island. Filipinos around the country and tourists around the world gather in Boracay to have the ULTIMATE experience and it wouldn’t be complete without partying.





*photos are not of the author’s property*

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Stress Freedom

It has been a very long week and the work load and pressure in school and at home gives me so much tension and i have been getting these rashes and mini-breakdowns that eventually made me write this post. And well, taking my own advice really helped me a lot. I hope you get something from it too.

Stress can cause different side effects to different people.

Some people under stressful conditions can be very productive. This is if one knows how to handle and work under so much pressure. But some can get easily paranoid or depressed when under a stressful situation. Some can’t sleep , eat, or drink when under stress. Some others turn to taking huge amounts of alcohol or drugs.  And well, some get to thepoint of making stupid decisions or attempting to take one’s life.

Stress cannot be avoided in our everyday lives. It is inevitable and may strike anytime. Thus, i have prepared some helpful tips in order to battle stress.

  1. Cry, if you must. According to sharecare.com (2014), “Tears help wash away emotional stress brought on by intense feelings of joy, grief or panic”. In short, crying is a good way to wash out stress. As they always say, let your feelings out. Holding in your feelings will just worsen your mood.
  2. Make a list. Sometimes stress can be caused by being disorganized. Keeping things together will keep you from unnecessary panicking and help you get things done on time. A list will help by telling you what to do first, second, and so on.

A list may also be in the form of a table. It will relieve you from stressing in making an important decision. Writing down the pros and cons and seeing it from the best point of view will help you get over stress and give you the best solution yet.

  1. A timetable, perhaps? Along with a list may come a timetable- a schedule on what to do and when to do it. Keeping things in order and doing things on-time does not only keep you from further stress but may get you to do more things given the extra time for you to spare!
  2. Get a hobby. I dance when i’m stressed. It keeps me from losing my sanity. Take it from me, a hobby will get you to temporarily forget what your head is revolving around. It may not necessarily be a something you’re good at. You may jog, write, box, swim, do whatever that keeps you and your mind away from the world. It will keep you from overthinking and making bad and stupid impulsive decisions. After sweating or busying yourself from your hobby, you may get to see a better view of your problem and may come up with better decisions and solutions.
  3. Eat chocolate. Chocolate fights depression. The intake of chocolate make the body secrete serotonin and endorphins. These are the same chemicals that are secreted when one gets wounded.These hormones relieve the body from stress and pressure. They are otherwise known as anti-depressants. So the intake of chocolate will not only keep your tummy happy but your mind as well.
  4. Exercise. Exercise does not only strengthen your heart and your body, it gives you confidence as well. Knowing that you are healthy inside and out will keep your mind in a stable state and boost your self esteem. Exercise lowers your blood pressure and and increases energy level (webmd.com, 2014).
  5. Surround yourself with comforting people. When i’m stressed, i always surround myself with people who i know loves me and comforts me. People like your family will always be there to comfort you and make you fell good about yourself. As humans that we are, being told things that make us feel good always relieves the stress. Being with your friends and having a good time gives you the opportunity to momentarily push yourself away from problems that may swallow you and make you depressed. These people help you in ways like clearing your mind and giving you a quick break from your workload.

Stress will always be there. But it is always by choice that we either envelope ourselves in it or live with stress but deal with it in ways that help us emotionally and physically.